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Exploration across Europe with sites in Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Greece and Kosovo.

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The Smart Exploration project focusses on developing cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tools and methods for geophysical exploration, as well as other aspects such as geological and geochemical target vectoring and generations.


All the scientific publications produced by the Smart Exploration team, all of them open-access.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Smart Exploration: Innovative ways of exploring for the raw materials in the EU

Malhemir, A., Holmes, P., Gisselø, P., Socco, L.V., Carvalho, J., Mardsen, P., Verboon, A.O., Loska, M.

Europe has a favourable geology for a wide variety of commodities necessary for improving our modern life sustainably and environmentally friendly. The Smart Exploration initiative answered one of the seven societal challenges offered by the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials on new solutions for sustainable production of raw materials – new sensitive exploration technologies.

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On Journals

Smart Exploration: from legacy data to state-of-the-art data acquisition and imaging

Malehmir, A., Donoso, G., Markovic, M., Maries, G., Dynesius, L., Brodic, B.,Pacheco, N., Marsden, P., Bäckström, E., Penney M., and Araujo, V.

During the last decade, and possibly in years to come, mineral exploration geophysics has strongly pushed itself towards developing new instruments and hardware solutions capable of addressing the ever challenging near-mine and brownfield exploration issues. New data will be acquired but higher noise levels and restricted access due to mining activities and infrastructure increase the challenge of acquiring data of sufficient quality to answer key geologic questions and define additional resources.

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All the latest news and updates from Smart Exploration.

Innovative posters by YPs: Federico Da Col

We are happy to launch the "Innovative Posters" presentations held by our Young Professionals.  In this 5-minutes presentation, Federico Da Col from Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Ambiente, del Territorio e delle Infrastrutture - DIATI - Politecnico di Torino...

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Interview with Peter Holmes

Our Innovation Manager Peter Holmes will be leaving soon Smart Exploration but but he was kind enough to give us his insights about the project.   Can you tell us about yourself?  As a geologist for over 25 years, I have worked in mineral exploration for...

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Rapid Fire Talk by YPs: Bojan Brodic

Bojan Brodic is Postdoctoral Researcher at Uppsala University and within Smart Exploration he is in charge of the analysis of active- and passive-seismic data with a focus on active mines. His primary task is related to the development and testing new instruments and...

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