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The geological evolution of Europe has resulted in generation of a variety of mineral resources. These materials are essential for the sustainable economic growth of the EU, for its continued technological development and innovation, as well as for maintaining and improving the quality of life.

Smart Exploration, consisting of a research and application team, and supported by a group of technologically advanced SMEs and mining companies, takes part in the Research & Innovation Action. The focus is on developing cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tools and methods for geophysical exploration, as well as other aspects such as geological and geochemical target vectoring and generations. The project includes 27 partners from 11 countries and six exploration sites within Europe.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is in charge of the operational work of the project. The Executive board manages and coordinates the implementation of the project activities and has the overall responsibility for liaison between all the partners of the project.

The Executive Board is comprised of the Work Package(WP) leaders, the Project Coordinator and Innovation Manager. The WP leaders are responsible for the coordination of the activities implemented under their responsibility,  monitoring of the optimum use of resources allocated, the organization of events and meetings under their field of activities, and the collection and timing of submission of the deliverables under their responsibility.




Advisory Board

Despite being an EU funded project, the project will receive also guidance from its international Advisory Board. The Advisory Board consists of leading experts from around the world who are external to the project and independent of the project partners. They have been selected from both the scientific and industrial fields and they are balanced in backgrounds.

The Advisory Board will work closely with the project coordinator to examine progress reports and edit a yearly assessment report. They have been chosen primarily because of their expertise and experience working with or consulting to mining companies, and they will also how to exploit the project’s achievements and results beyond the project duration.

  • Gilles Bellefleur (Geological Survey of Canada, Canada)
  • Ute Weckmann (GFZ-Germany, Germany)
  • Chris Wijns (First Quantum Mineral, Australia)
  • Richard Hillis (DET CRC, Australia)
  • Milovan Urosevic (Curtin University, Australia)
  • John Carranza (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
  • Giuseppe Di Capua (IAPG, Italy)
John CarranzaUte Weckmann

Young Professionals

Marko RiedelEmma Bäckström

Bojan Brodic

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Smart Exploration has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.775971