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Yara is the world’s leading fertilizer company and provider of environmental solutions. Yara’s Siilinjärvi operations are the company’s most versatile site, consisting of multiple factories and the EU’s only phosphate mine in production.

Siilinjärvi mine is the largest open pit mine in Finland and provides apatite concentrate for production of phosphoric acid and fertilizers. Mine has operated since 1980 and the yearly production is almost 1Mt of apatite concentrate. Yearly mining is >10Mt of ore, with average P2O5 grade of 3.8% in mill feed. Current life of mine is up to 2035.

Nordic Iron Ore

Nordic Iron Ore (NIO) is an iron ore mining development company (SME in size) aiming at reopening and redeveloping iron ore production in the main Ludvika mines Blötberget and Håksberg, Sweden.

Moreover the company will expand its mineral resources and upgrade them to iron ore reserves where possible. Further exploration and prospecting of the Väsman-field, connecting the two main mines is to provide development options and the potential for significant resource expansion.

Delphi - Distomon S.A.

DELPHI-DISTOMON S.A., a subsidiary of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, is one of the largest bauxite producers in Greece and in Europe, and currently employs approximately 100 persons. With its history starting in 1970s, it is today one of three active mining companies involved in bauxite mining in Greece.

It is the second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe, with an annual output of more than 650,000 tons, exclusively from underground sites

Ludvika is located in southern part of Dalarna, Sweden. We have 27,000 inhabitants and is the third largest municipality in Dalarna. To the surface, the municipality is 1,658 square kilometers, which contributes to a rich outdoor life. Among other things, there are about 330 lakes. The vision for 2016-2024 is that Ludvika is the municipality of the future, growth and opportunities. We invest a little extra in three areas: children and young people, work and business and the environment.

SOMINCOR (Sociedade minerira de Neves-Corvo)
Neves-Corvo is a copper and zinc mine that is owned and operated by the Portuguese company SOMINCOR, which is a subsidiary of Lundin Mining. The mine has historically produced copper, zinc, lead and tin. The mine site is located approximately 220 km southeast of Lisbon in the Alentejo district of southern Portugal, 15 km southeast of the town of Castro Verde.

The company SOMINCOR (Sociedade Mineira de Neves-Corvo, S.A.) was formed on July 24th, 1980. Mining began in 1988, operated by a joint venture between the Portuguese State and Rio Tinto. In June 2004, SOMINCOR was acquired by Eurozinc Mining Corporation, which then merged with Lundin Mining in November of 2006. SOMINCOR owns and operates a loading facility in the Port of Setúbal and has shipped concentrate from the same facility in Setúbal since the beginning of the operations in 1988. In addition to the current mining operations at Neves Corvo, SOMINCOR has an active exploration program, exploring for additional deposits in the nearby area.

Hellas Gold S.A

Hellas Gold SA is the largest company currently active in Greece and from 2012 belongs to Eldorado Gold Corp. The company is consisted by 3 mining facilities, in operation, development and under construction as well. Mavres Petres is an operational Mine since 1957 with 4 more years life (current reserves) that produces PbS and ZnS at Stratoni Mining Facilities.

Olympias Mining Facilities are under development and expected to be in production at 2017 with Pb, Zn, Au and Ag as final products after the construction of a Flash Melting Pyrometallurgy. Skouries mining facilities is currently under construction, expected to be in production at 2019 with Cu and Au as final products.

Proxis Sp. z. o.o.

Proxis is a SME consulting company providing services in exploration and mining and industries. The company specializes in prospecting and exploration works for mineral deposits as well as management of exploration projects conducted in Europe and Africa.

The company is interested in innovative and pro-ecological solutions for exploration and mining industry. Its experience is based on cooperation with Polish scientific environment, as well as mining and experts from UE countries, Western Balkans and Ukraine.

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