Conference Presentations

The Conference Presentations series are designed to communicate our findings and achievements in a more traditional setting to ensure more details are available to those who are looking for more in depth information.

Conference Presentations - Alireza Malehmir @ EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019

Our project coordinator Alireza Malehmir (Uppsala University) explains the Smart Exploration project in a nutshell: the prototypes developed within the projects and some of the first results of recent Blötberget 3D survey and Neves-Corvo.

This presentation was recorded at the EAGE Annual Conference in London, June 2019.

Conference Presentations - Musa Manzi @ EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2019

Musa Manzi from Wits University, South Africa is a geophysicist and award-wining researcher working with hard rock seismic data and attributes. He and his team have been collaborating with Smart Exploration through joint research and exchange activities in particulate via our coordinating partner Uppsala University. Musa presented an interesting talk during the EAGE‘s annual conference in London, 2019. In his presentation Musa presented Seismic Evolution and Smart Exploration’ role in this journey.

Conference Presentations - Bojan Brodic @ Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2019

Bojan Brodic is Post Doctoral Researcher at Uppsala University.

In the presentation he held at the EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) Near Surface Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2019, he compared the quality of seismic imaging results obtained by the Storm and Lightning electromagnetic vibrators.

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