Kosovo Chromite Exploration Sites

The known chromite occurrences in Kosovo are typically cumulate, podiform, Alpine-type deposits associated with dunites, harzburgites or peridotites within the Jurassic ophiolite belt in the Deva region. These chromite deposits are often serpentinised (altered) usually contain secondary, disseminated magnetite. Platinum group metals have been reported from some occurrences. Owing to the density contrast between the chromite ores and ultramafic hosts, geophysical prospecting using gravity methods has been somewhat effective but needs to be integrated with other geological datasets to refine the targeting.

The license holder of the two work areas, PROXIS contracted Geopartner to carry out the initial fieldwork to test for the presence of favourable targets. The two licence areas are located in southern Kosovo near the borders with Macedonia and Albania. The larger exploration site at 18.7 sq km, is situated northeast of the village of Gjakova within the region that had historical chromite production at Deva and Babj Boks. The second site at 5.7 sq km is situated near the border with Macedonia by the villages of Hani and Elezit.

Preliminary work commenced in May 2018, with ground gravity and magnetic surveys.

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