Neves-Corvo Mine Site, Portugal

The original discovery of base metals (Cu, Zn) at Neves-Corvo was made in 1977. Ownership has changed through time to Somincor, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lundin Mining (Canada). Lundin acquired its ownership through a merger with EuroZinc in 2006.

Neves-Corvo mine area is located in the western part of the Iberian Pyrite Belt that extends through southern Spain into Portugal and has hosted numerous major, stratiform volcano-sedimentary massive sulphide (VMS) deposits. At various time times, seven mineralized zones; Neves, Corvo, Graca, Zambujal, Lombador, Monte Branco and Semblana have been exploited over a strike length of 5,000 m and to a depth of 1,400 m. The most recent discoveries, Semblana and Monte Branco were found in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

The discoveries of the Semblana and Monte Branco deposits provide clear evidence that the immediate area surrounding Neves-Corvo remains underexplored and that the potential for new discoveries remains high. The proposed underground seismic survey presents some interesting challenges but the geometry of the known orebodies is optimal for the controlled source method.

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