One of the highlights of the Blötberget seismic survey taking place in Sweden is the civil society engagement and school trips. In the past week a number of outreach activities has been conducted while the 3D seismic survey was still running at the Blötberget iron-oxide deposit site Nordic Iron Ore AB.

Nordic Iron Ore AB team together with colleagues from Ludvika Kommun visited two high schools in the region, introducing them to Smart Exploration and how it is tackling some of the challenges we are facing today within Europe and beyond.
Students had the opportunity to join the crew on the field while the survey was taking place and were showed how the survey works in real. The crew on site welcomed more than 50 high school students demonstrating the 3D seismic survey from A tot Z with simple explanations. The students laid cables, planted geophones, set up a line, and even created their own seismic source and watched the wave that they created in the recording truck on the computer.

In the meanwhile, the Smart Exploration boot-camp took place with Uppsala University students: the crew on site had the pleasure explaining the 3D seismic survey and how everything comes together. SGU‘s team contributed by presenting their work and activities in the Smart Exploration project and the Nordic Iron Ore AB management discussed about the upcoming activities including the helicopter time-domain survey SkyTEM planned before the summer and the UAV-survey to follow later. Students also had opportunity to visit Nordic Iron Ore’s core shed, where some very pretty logs are stored.


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