In this prototypes teaser, Alireza Malehmir (Project Coordinator) summarises the new, more sensitive and environmentally sound exploration technologies that are developed and being validated within the project.

In the prototypes series, five innovative technologies will be explained in detail & released weekly:

1- GPS-time synchronization system for denied environment such as underground mines developed by MIC Nordic AB & Uppsala University
2- Electromagnetic broadband frequency seismic source (E-Vib) developed by Seismic Mechatronics BV & Technische Universiteit Delft
3- Deep-probing time-domain electromagnetic helicopter-based system (HTEM) developed by SkyTEM
4- UAV-Mag-EM for fast and over difficult terrains data acquisition developed by SGU & AMKVO & Uppsala University
5- Slimhole modular system for mining boreholes developed by BitSim AB & Uppsala University

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