Innovative Posters by YPs

“Innovative Posters by YPs” is a video series of exploitation videos with technical content.

The Project’s Young Professionals presented their results through a 5-mins poster talks at the Project Meeting in Kuopio, Finland (June 2019). The series is composed of seven short but sweet episodes, released weekly as of January 2020.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Federico Da Col

Federico Da Col from Politecnico di Torino tested the Surface Wave Tomography method at the Siilinjärvi mine site in Finland, and in this poster presentation he explains us why it is a very promising method for mineral exploration.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Myrto Papadopoulou
Myrto Papadopoulou presents here three methods for the estimation of static corrections using surface-waves.
Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Paula Rulff

Paula Rulff is Ph.D. student at Uppsala University is developing a 3-dimensional forward modelling code, which calculates the responses of controlled-source electromagnetic problems in frequency domain aiming to resolve the electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability structure of geological exploration targets as accurately as possible. In her poster presentation she gives us an insight on the latest developments of her research.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Anna Donczew

In her poster presentation, Anna Donczew from Uppsala University introduces us to her Master’s Degree thesis, which consists of an Innovative In-Tunnel Seismic Study for sustainable apatite ore extraction.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - George Donoso

Seismic methods are becoming an established choice for deep mineral exploration. George Donoso, Ph.D. candidate at Uppsala University, introduces introduces us to the recovery and reprocessing of a legacy seismic dataset acquired in 1996 at the Somincor Neves-Corvo (Portugal) mine site, and future processing work for pseudo-3D and 3D seismic data.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Magdalena Markovic

Reflection seismic methods nowadays are proving their significance in mineral exploration and mine planning.

Magdalena Markovic, Ph.D. candidate at Uppsala University, examined the reflection seismic data acquired within two field campaigns in the Nordic Iron Ore AB Blötberget, Ludvika mining area of central Sweden, for deep imaging of iron-oxide mineralization. In her poster presentation, Magdalena explains why the results from these seismic surveys are encouraging for mineral exploration purposes.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Simo Piippo

Within Smart Exploration self-organising maps are used for analysing data from several sites, where data mining is a major part of the work.

In his Innovative Poster presentation Simo Piippo (University of Helsinki) focusses on the utilisation of geochemical soil samples in studying previously unknown geological features.

Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Florencia Balestrini
In her presentation, Florencia Balestrini from TU Delft presents a purely data-driven approach for surface-waves attenuation in active-source reflection seismic data acquired at the Ludvika mining area of central Sweden in 2016.
Innovative Poster Presentations by YPs - Katerina
Katerina Polychronopoulou is Ph.D. candidate at the National Technical University of Athens and Head of Processing Teams at Seismotech. In the poster presentation she held at EAGE 2019 Near Surface Geosciences Conference & Exhibition in The Hague, she showed the preliminary – and promising – results of the Integrated Passive Seismic Survey at the Gerolekas Bauxite mining site in Central Greece.

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